What Makes Official Cookies Maywood the Most Iconic and Best of the Dispensaries in California and USA ?

Cookies Weed Strains. When you think of weed, many things instantly come to mind such as THC, sticky greens or simply getting high. As weed becomes more socially accepted in legal California, there has been another addition to this list of thoughts: Cookies. The Cookies flower brand and storefront dispensary have become an iconic symbol of the cannabis community with their successful play on the Girl Scout Cookie strain. Although there are many dispensaries in Maywood California, many of these strains are exclusive to Cookies. Cookies Marijuana Strains for Sale

Cookies Dispensaries stay stocked up on their branded flower and continue to introduce more and more strains that go beyond the simple GSC. Although Cookies have several different exotic strains, there are a few fan favorites that are worth a try. The strain, Berry Pie, is a Sativa-leaning hybrid flower with blueberry undertones and a piney finish. Cookies Weed Strains

On the other hand, the Gary Payton strain is known to be “a highly coveted hybrid marijuana strain bred by Cookies cultivar and named after the NBA Hall of Famer.” These exquisite strains can be found at Cookies Dispensary Maywood. Whether you are a first-time customer or Cookies fanatic, these strains are worth purchasing every time. Cookies Weed Strains

Buy Cookies Strains Online that Dispensaries in California and USA Envy

Cookies strains have become a customer favorite, making them hard to come by, especially at dispensaries that are not affiliated with the Cookies company. Despite this, the Cookies Santa Ana Dispensary carries all the popular strains including Berry Pie and Gary Payton. Read on to learn more about these famous Cookies strains. Where to Buy Cookies Weed Strains Online


BREEDER: Cookies

AROMA: Gassy OG and strong menthol with a slight gelato finish.

FLAVOR: Musky OG menthol sweet exhale.

EXPERIENCE: Balanced head and body high


BREEDER: Powerzzzup

AROMA: Creamy, fruity with a hint of gas.

FLAVOR: Sweet sugary cream.

EXPERIENCE: Relaxed body feel with a happy head high.


BREEDER: Cookies x Seed Junkie Genetics

AROMA: Tart Cream

FLAVOR: Bright sweet cream.

EXPERIENCE: Balanced head and body high.


BREEDER: Cookies x Lemonnade

AROMA: Sweet, funky lemon cake.

FLAVOR: Sweet gelato upfront, with a funky, cakey finish.

EXPERIENCE: Strong stoney head high.


BREEDER: Powerzzzup

AROMA: Strong gas with a burnt rubber finish.

FLAVOR: Super smooth gas.

EXPERIENCE: Strong, heavy body feel.


BREEDER: Cookies x Lemonnade

AROMA: Sweet, funky lemon cake.

FLAVOR: Sweet gelato upfront, with a funky, cakey finish.

EXPERIENCE: Strong stoney head high.


BREEDER: Seed Junkie Genetics

AROMA: Peach cobbler

FLAVOR: Savory baked fruit.

EXPERIENCE: Very strong and head high. Potent.


BREEDER: Cookies x Lemonnade

AROMA: Sweet pomegranate cherry.

FLAVOR: Thick pomegranate cherry.

EXPERIENCE: Happy uplifting head high.


BREEDER: Cookies x Seed Junkie Genetics

AROMA: Citrus blossom, honey.

FLAVOR: Honey glazed doughnut.

EXPERIENCE: Happy head high with a strong body feel.


BREEDER: Cookies x Lemonnade

AROMA: Berry lemonade

FLAVOR: Sweet fruit tart.

EXPERIENCE: Potent head high, but functional.


BREEDER: Cookies

AROMA: Gassy, sweet, blueberry and lemongrass.

FLAVOR: Menthol, OG musk with a sweet finish.

EXPERIENCE: Happy and uplifting.


BREEDER: Cookies x Seed Junkie Genetics

AROMA: Sweet fruit tart.

FLAVOR: Kushy fruit tart.

EXPERIENCE: Head high with relaxed body feel.


BREEDER: Cookies x Seed Junkie Genetics

AROMA: Blueberry pancakes

FLAVOR: Buttery sweet berries.

EXPERIENCE: Relaxed happy head high.


BREEDER: Cookies

AROMA: Bright, floral yeast.

FLAVOR: Sweet velvet cake.

EXPERIENCE: Strong head high with relaxed body feel.


BREEDER: Cookies

AROMA: Vibrant bitter citrus.

FLAVOR: Clean stone fruit.

EXPERIENCE: Happy head high.


BREEDER: Powerzzzup

AROMA: Piney with an OG musk.

FLAVOR: Piney inhale, earth, gassy exhale.

EXPERIENCE: Potent and may cause couchlock.


BREEDER: Cookies x Seed Junkie Genetics

AROMA: Bright, creamy cinnamon.

FLAVOR: Sugary dough

EXPERIENCE: Strong head and body high.


BREEDER: Cookies x Seed Junkie Genetics

AROMA: Sweet, earthy lemon tea.

FLAVOR: Rich, smooth jasmine.

EXPERIENCE: Strong head high.

Berry Pie Cookies Strain for Sale Online:

The Sativa leaning hybrid strain, Berry Pie, is known for its creamy blueberry essence. As the Cookies brand heavily relies on the Girl Scout Cookie strain, Berry Pie has a genetic cross of GSC x Blue Dream. This strain is known to produce a euphoric high that keeps you awake as well as happy throughout the day. According to its Weedmaps description, “medical marijuana patients choose Berry Pie for its uplifting qualities that help relieve symptoms related to depression and fatigue.” The sweet aromas and smooth high from this flower make Berry Pie a notorious Cookies strain. Cookies Marijuana Strains for Sale

Gary Payton Cookies Strain for Sale Online:

Although Gary Payton is a more recent strain created by Cookies, it has become one of the most iconic and popular strains that the brand carries. Gary Payton is a cross of Y Griega x Snowman, making it a perfectly split hybrid. As Cookies is notorious for using Girl Scout Cookies in their genetic crossings, it is necessary to know that Gary Payton does not lack the use of this strain. Cookies Weed Strains

The Snowman strain in this cross is an immediate descendant of the GSC strain, giving it “its pungent, dessert-like aroma & flavor profile featuring bold notes of mint, sweet cherry, and lemon.” Gary Payton is known to produce a euphoric high that leads to a more relaxed and sedative state. Medical marijuana users have also found that this strain helps relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression with its uplifting high. Gary Payton may be hard to come by given its popularity, however Cookies Santa Ana is sure to keep this top-rated strain stocked up in their inventory.

Buy Cookies Weed Strains Online from Official Cookies Maywood

As the Cookies brand and dispensaries continue to grow with the legalization and normalization of cannabis use, customers must give the top-rated strains a try. These strains not only give phenomenal highs with tasty natural flavors, but they also provide users with the medical benefits they typically seek from marijuana use. Visit to buy your Cookies eighth today! Contact Cookies Maywood at +1 (208) 907 6571 to learn more today!

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